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News / contracts / Publicity Creating organizes VII workshop for HOVAL (Liechtenstein)
13 March 2019

Industrial designers will become workshop participants

As part of the promotion strategy, a seminar TM HOVAL (Liechtenstein) will be held in April 2019, which is organized by the Publicity Creating agency. Participants of the seminar will be specialists in  design and equipment of large industrial and commercial facilities,  that will be able to familiarize themselves with the HOVAL climatic equipment model range.

Using more than 60 years of experience, HOVAL creates and distributes innovative products in the field of liquid, gas, wood boilers and pellet boilers; heat pumps and solar power plants; ventilation of residential premises, ventilation and air-conditioning systems with necessary accessories for small and large plants. Such equipment can be installed as a complete solution or as single installations. HOVAL manufactures products using high-tech mechanisms using only first-class materials produced in the EU.

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