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News / contracts / The new bioactive toothpaste ZUBB is on Ukrainian market!
26 July 2016

Publicity Creating  signed a contract on PR-support of innovative product -bioactive toothpaste TM ZUBB.

The press-office functions include writing and distributing releases, news, work with the media, management of the pages in social networks, conducting video interviews, web conferencing, monitoring, consulting, preparation of reports.

Toothpaste ZUBB produced in Ukraine on the modern equipment with advanced technology, developed by Healthy Pharm Cosmetics (UK). Among the priority tasks - manufacture of products which consists mainly of natural ingredients that are useful for health.

Today is produced 6 types of bioactive toothpaste ZUBB:

- Tasteful triple mint

- Tasteful jasmine, white tea and mint

- Tasteful barberry, lemon and mint

- Tasteful cinnamon, mint and vanilla

- Intensive teeth whitening

- Delicate teeth whitening for sensitive teeth.


Products  by "Healthy Pharm Cosmetics" compares favorably with its efficiency and contain unique bioactive complex. All toothpastes ZUBB contains more than  87%  natural components, and does not contain parabens, chlorhexidine, sugars and colorings. In addition, toothpastes ZUBB differ bright packaging and pleasant taste that will appeal You and Your family!

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