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22 September 2015

How to promote the topic of energy efficiency?

The topic of energy efficiency in Ukraine is very relevant, especially with the growth of tariffs for gas and electricity.

Today leading manufacturers offer new solutions that allow You to save many on heating costs - primarily through the use of modern materials and the installation of energy-efficient and economical engineering systems. But for the majority of our citizens very expensive to conduct complex repair work on modernization of housing or to buy new equipment.  For example, private houses that were built in Soviet times, use   old technology and materials, and  heated by  gas. There are  millions of such households across Ukraine. Are there any really simple and accessible way thermal insulation such houses? Technical and economic issues in fact turn into a social one.

And we are pleased that with the help of Publicity Creating specialists a lot of consumers will get an answer and be able to save money already in this cold season! After all, we have a large-scale PR campaign in regional newspapers throughout Ukraine.

In a series of articles written in simple and understandable language an explanation for the warming of houses were given. For example, through which part of the house heat loses the most. Accordingly, what is better to insulate first and exactly how to do it. Also examples of calculation of the cost of the thermal insulation were shown, and most importantly - how many cubic meters of gas can be saved and when the investments  were return! The article presents real examples and calculations from the experience from  the owners of private houses.  

Articles have been published in more than 40 regional editions of Western, Central, Southern and Eastern Ukraine.  The campaign was held in two stages - in the middle of the construction season and before the start of the heating season. The total audience coverage was more than 3 million people. PR campaign in the regional media was supported by news and articles on the rating Internet portals. So users who are active in the Internet can easily find the information in the global network.

Let our home will be warmer, with less money is spent!

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