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News / cases / Preferences of Ukrainian honey consumers
10 July 2019

The questions concerned the choice of supplier, purchase channels, the customer priorities when choosing honey

As part of a comprehensive 5-year promotion program and in order to clarify the situation on the market and understand the preferences of Ukrainian consumers, in April-June 2019, the Publicity Creating Agency conducted a telephone survey of honey consumers for TM “Honey Beekeeper”. Questions related to the choice of supplier, purchase channels, customer priorities, when choosing honey.

And also to clarify the situation on the Internet market for honey and other beekeeping products, a telephone survey was conducted *. Questions, in particular, related to the practice of buying honey over the Internet and the criteria for choosing a seller.

*The survey involved 162 respondents from Kiev (60% of respondents) and other cities of Ukraine (40% of respondents). As for the place of residence, gender and age, the portrait of respondents is as follows - 76% - urban residents, 19% - the suburbs, 5% - urban-type settlement, women - 51%, men - 49%, age - 26-45 years - 57%, older than 46 years - 25%, up to 25 years - 18%.

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