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News / cases / Internet conferences for Leacond
21 Juny 2019

As part of the PR strategy for promoting Leacond, Publicity Creating agency developed and organized a series of events at major news agencies in Kiev.

The heads of the LeacondCompany took part in Internet conferences. Experts spoke about what is included in the concept of “air quality”, about the importance of creating a comfortable climate in the premises of commercial (shopping and office centers), public (airports, train stations, etc.) and industrial (warehouses, enterprises) purposes, about modern technologies in the field of climate technology, about the importance of service.

During the Internet conference, experts answered questions regarding various aspects of the air conditioning of large real estate properties.

So, the speakers named the types of equipment that are used for air conditioning of shopping and entertainment centers, office and business centers, hotels and residential complexes, and also spoke about the requirements for such equipment.

Internet conferences have aroused great interest among the target audience. Climate market experts answered more than 30 questions from the audience. The number of views amounted to more than three thousand.

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