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19 October 2009
The CEO of Publicity Creating Company - Valeriy Kureiko,  talked about changes that have occurred during the financial crisis in the agency; new demands of clients for PR-specialists.
8 April 2009

Main for each company in a crisis — not ”to hide a head in sand”, but correctly and confidently build communications with a clients. It is a condition of survival and success at the market. Valeriy Kureiko, founder and General Director of the Publicity Creating company, specialized on strategic communications and PR, tells about the secrets of PR-strategies in not simple terms.

15 July 2009
The Crisis: May Be The Best Time For PR
The financial crisis on the Ukrainian PR-market has developed a contradictory situation. On the one hand, a lot of customers have cut budgets, while agencies reduced staff. On the other hand, others became interested in PR. Thus, they actively use different methods of public relations.


The role of strategy in PR will increase
PR programs include a number of PR tools
The Agency started organizing a series of events for TM Noble Honey